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ANATH LEE WALES here, I am an author, entrepreneur and general social scientist with 5 years plus of experience!

I come bearing exciting news! But before you scroll down, Quick Question, “Have you been wondering how you can add a single dollar to your income? Or perhaps build a side hustle with a residual income stream to support your growing financial needs?”

If yes, Keep in mind that you are not alone and that's why I am here to introduce you to The Zing Network also known as SFI (Strong Future International)!!! Learn more here.

What is the zing network?

It is a network of side hustle-building tools where you can earn rewards while you;

  • Or spread the word to your friends and family!

Do I need to invest anything?

  • Unlike any other get-rich-quick schemes you may have seen, this is 100% free and you earn when you perform the above actions.
  • You only need a few to 30 minutes every day to perform the tasks as stated above!

What if I am an online service provider?

You can attract and reward your customers through the Zing Network

What do I earn and how do I take it home?

  • Both BitCoin Sats, Rewardical Points and TCredits can all be redeemed into USD Cash!
  • You can get paid via your BitCoin Wallet, USD Bank Account or USD Mastercard (Both Virtual and Physical!)

Is there any training available?

  • Yes, you will have free access to the training lessons, the knowledgebase and the community forum!
  • Plus I will be your personal guide to help you move forward step by step!

But how do I join and how do I know this is authentic?

  • I can not come here and tell you something I have not tried myself to know if it works!

Are you ready to start building something great?!

Join my team here, it's easier when you have someone to guide you!!! 




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