The Dadyminds Magazine has a content limit regarding what we do share with our audience.

The content type

The main content types you can find on our website are written article posts, research results, news, educative content, audio content (i.e: podcasts), and video content (i.e: cause reels).

Advertising content

we do allow our bloggers to share advertising content upon admin permission (written and signed) and in the third part, links shared must be verified by the admin first. Every blogger can add 1 up to 5 Ads including a 3 to 4 links limit and 1 to 2 banner limit.

N.B: all Ads and external contain links must be verified first otherwise the blogger account will be terminated.

Content categories and sub-categories

Our main content categories are World, Zodiac, History, Entertainment, Science, Business, Academics, Books, Living, Opinions, Travel, and Arts.

Below are the sub-categories in each content category.
1. world: Climate, Politics, Wars, Economy, Human rights, Peace, Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Culture, Science, Miltary.

2. Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

3. History: Australia, Latin America, Oceania & Pacific, Middle East, Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, China, Europe, South Asia

4. Business: Leadership, Books, Communication, Marketing, Sales, Services, Automations, Operations, Finance, Learning, Money, Investments, Stocks, Automobiles, Start-Ups, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence.

5. Living: Drugs, Diseases, Mental health, Fitness, Nutrition, Food, Family, Parenting, Safety, Relationship, First-aid, Skincare, Hair care, Immunity.

6. Academics: People, Education, Children, Youth, Careers, E-learning, College, CPD, Research, Courses, Masterclasses, Degrees, Students, Schools.

7. Entertainment: Sports, Celebrities, Events, Pop-culture, Social media, Tv shows, Films, Theatre, Music, Lifestyle, Fashion, Awards, Gallery.

8. Science: Facts, Myths, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrology, Earth, Biology, Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Theories, Statics, Hazards, Health.

9. Books: Authors, Reviews, Summaries, Interviews, Libraries, Bookshops, Publishing, Writing, Readers, Quotes, Bestsellers, Contents.

10. Travel: Tips, Transport, Traffic, Traditions, Security, Visa, Passports, Hotel, Activities, Apartments, Restaurants, Tourism, Parks, Museum, Cities, Destinations

11. Arts: Textile, Hand-made, Architecture, Fine-arts, Drawing, Wood, Metal, Antiques, Dancing, Crafts, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Design, Modern-age.

12. Opinions: Letters, Papers, Stories, Testimonials, Speeches, Motivation, Ideas, Gossips, Routines, Your posts, Change-makers.

Lastly, we have other single content categories including video reels, people biographies, podcasts, sustainability, and shopping. 
N.B: The above single categories are privately developed by the site management team only.


Every blogger or content creator is not allowed to post on this website anything that is not related to the content categories above

Copyright management

The content put on the website must be copyright free or otherwise, a content distribution permit must be granted to you by the copyright owner.